Aaron Dembski-Bowden – Betrayer Audiobook

Aaron Dembski-Bowden – Betrayer Audiobook

Aaron Dembski-Bowden - Betrayer Audio Book Free
Betrayer Audiobook Download

The story’s title is a best one, and perfectly curious. The Heresy itself is an epic-scale dishonesty by almost half of the Imperium of Man versus the other half, yet the emphasis of the characters is actually loyalty: Kharn’s loyalty to his primarch Angron and also his friend Argel Tal, Lorgar’s loyalty to Angron, as well as the Globe Eaters’ loyalty per other in the face of uncontrollable savagery.

The World Eaters’ loyalty is checked to and also beyond the snapping point repeatedly. Not just from getting on the defiant side of a galaxy-spanning brutal civil battle, but from modeling themselves after an unflinching leader that broadly abhors them. Betrayer Audiobook Free. Angron is powerless to cranial implants that drive him to craze and murder, and in trying to connect with their internally-scarred lord, the warriors put into their very own heads similar implants that drive them to the very same dark areas, yet Angron still doesn’t care for them.

Lorgar’s motivation is to conserve Angron, who has long disliked him as well as considers him to be the weakest of all the primarchs. With the cortical implants eliminating Angron, Lorgar has to carry out a hopeless strategy of planet-by-planet genocide to mobilize demonic energies as the only ways to keep his sibling from an awful death.

Each of the character is done exceptionally well. Lorgar is a holy man preaching demon-worship, pessimistic in his belief in spite of the scary of it, and this is mirrored in Argel Tal, who makes it clear to Kharn that although he desires the universe was not underpinned by such dreadful beasts, it is and he can not and also will not refute it.

Perhaps the breakout character of this is Syrgalah, the Coal Queen. She’s a Warhound Titan (not to be confused with the War Hound Myriad, the former name for the World Eaters Legion), and is a cross in between ED-409 from Robocop and also the Gundam mech. Throughout the final battle, Syrgalah as well as her many packs of fellow Warhound Titans dedicate among one of the most outstanding acts in the novel while fighting a far remarkable Titan.

The book is bloody as is the standard for a Black Library job, particularly given that whole worlds are eliminated during the “darkness crusade” by the World Eaters as well as Word Bearers Legions. It’s not monstrous, yet it’s fierce and major as well as highlights the brutality of war even as it does the significance of commitment.

Generally, this story is an amazing read about brotherhood despite cruelty as well as twisted morals, as well as I really highly recommend it.I need to say that ADB has done an exceptional job revealing us the World Eaters. I was wishing this would be a great read and also it ended up to quite a good one, I assume among the reason’s that this book captured my focus so well is that it had not been just about Angron, it was about his legion, it was about the butchers nails and just how they can take among the greatest combating displace there and turn it into a mass of warriors set on fatality, devastation, and blood.

We get some understanding right into Angron, Lorgar, as well as a guest appearance by Magnus(my individual favored primarch). I believe the dazzling gem of this story is that it does not concentrate on Angron as well as the way he leads. Aaron Dembski-Bowden – Betrayer Audio Book Download. It focus’s more on Kharn as well as his interactions, and also it truly nearly appears like he’s the true head of the myriad at times, he absolutely seems to be able to speak to Angron as an equivalent as well as not a soldier speaking to his basic.

The rate of guide maintains with out the book once it starts it doesn’t stop till completion. I in fact completed this one within a few days of beginning it, normally I try to keep my HH books for as long as feasible because I recognize it’ll be a month or two before I can obtain my next one.

But like I claimed ADB has actually done an amazing task with the Globe Eaters, with Kharn, as well as the Word Bearers in guide. I ‘d like to see even more like this coming out over the following couple of books for sure.